Newcastle UCU: Teach out Schedule

UCU Strike 2019 – Teach-Outs

Everyone is welcome! Students, staff and members of the public.
After all, we would rather be teaching…

Just drop in to whatever talk you’d like to hear – and note the different venues.

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Monday, 25th November

11-12 (Hotspur Pub) History of Strike Posters (and Making Some!)
Sarah Campbell & Matt Perry (History, Classics & Archaeology)

12-1 (Hotspur Pub) The Action by Andy Smith: A Reading)
Various (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

1-2 (Old Eldon Square) UCU Northern Region Rally

Tuesday, 26th November

11.30-12 (Hotspur Pub) The Challenges of the Gender Pay Gap
Sue Abbott (Business School)

12-12.30 (Hotspur Pub) Managing the Menopause at Work
Clare Butler (Business School)

12.30-1 (Hotspur Pub) Brave and Fun Virginia Woolf
Eret Talviste (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

1-1.30 (Hotspur Pub) How to Protect Yourself from Witchcraft in Shakespeare’s England
Emma Whipday (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga
Fionnghuala Sweeney (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

Wednesday, 27th November

11-12 (Hotspur Pub) Drop-in: Anti-Casualisation Coping Strategies
David Farrell-Banks (Media) & Alba Griffin (Modern Languages)

12-1 (Hotspur Pub) Beginners’ Portuguese/Intro to Samba
Loiana Leal (Modern Languages)

1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga
Kate Chedgzoy (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

Thursday, 28th November

8-11 (Picket Line) Mindful Therapies

11.30-12.30 (Hotspur Pub) The Right to be Lazy: The Sociology of Work
Abby Schoneboom (Architecture, Planning & Landscape)

12.30-1 (Hotspur Pub) Keep Racism Out of the General Election
Stand Up to Racism (NUSU)

1-2 (Hotspur Pub) Calligraphy & Lettering
Raksha Pande (Geography, Politics & Sociology)

1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga Session
Fionnghuala Sweeney (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

Friday, 29th November

11-12.30 (Civic Centre) Collective Climate Strike

12.30-1 (Hotspur Pub) The Fight Over Fracking
Gareth Fearn (Architecture, Planning and Landscape)

1-2 (Hotspur Pub) Demo: Hand-Building Complex Structural Forms with Clay
Adele Davison (IT Services)

Monday, 2nd December

11-11.30 (Hotspur Pub) Would Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass Be on the Picket Lines?
Olivia Mason & Nick Megoran (Geography)

11.30-12 (Hotspur Pub) Questions On and In Child Language
Rebecca Woods (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

12-1 (Hotspur Pub) The Wonderful World of Words
Nick Riches (Education, Communication & Language Sciences)

1-2 (Hotspur Pub) Desmystifying R: Making Statistics and Programming Fun!
Lauren Ackerman (Education, Communication & Language Sciences)

2-3 (Northern Kings Gym) Introduction to Thai Kickboxing
Linda Jose (Education, Communication and Language Sciences)

Tuesday, 3rd December

11.30-12.30 (Hotspur Pub) Nowhere to Go: Improving Accessibility to Toilets for People with Disabilities
Libby Morrison (Geography)

12.30-1.30 (Hotspur Pub) Disarming Armstrong: Renaming the Armstrong Building?
Alison Atkinson-Philips & Graham Smith (History, Classics & Archaeology)

1.30-2 (Hotspur Pub) Philosophy: AI and the Artifice of Self
Pete Wolfendale (Philosophy)

1-2 (Jesmond URC) Yoga
Kate Chedgzoy (English Literature, Language & Linguistics)

Wednesday, 4th December

11-11.30 (Near King’s Gate) Christmas Carols
Led by Dave Stewart (Mathematics)

11.30-12.15 (Hotspur Pub) AIDS Activism, Clause 28 and Civil Disobedience
Fiona Anderson (Fine Art)

12.15-1 (Hotspur Pub) Emotion and the University: Connecting the Everyday and the Extraordinary
Alison Stenning & Matej Blazek (Geography)

1-1.45 (Hotspur Pub) From Newcastle, For the World: Protest, Citizenship and Solidarity in Hong Kong and Singapore
Michael Richardson, Kean Fan Lim and Maddy Thompson (Geography, Politics & Sociology)

As part of the support available to members during the strike, UCU caseworkers will be holding drop-in sessions from 11-30-12.30 from Tuesday 26th onwards on strike days in the UCU Office. Caseworkers can help guide members on a range of workplace issues; come for an informal chat or catch us on the picket line. For concerns which might need a little more privacy you can speak one-to-one with a caseworker by booking a specific slot using this doodle poll: