Role Name Unit Email Address
Chair Andrew Fletcher Maths, stats
Vice-Chair Matt Perry Historical studies
Secretary David Stewart Maths, stats
Treasurer Geoff Abbott Natural and Environmental Sciences
Equality Officer Stacy Gillis
English Lit, Language & Linguistics
Membership Secretary Graham Kirkwood Institute of Health & Society
Anti-Casualisation Officer Andy Clark History,Classics and Archaeology
NEC/HEC/Women’s Comm. Sue Abbott NUBS
Environmental Rep Clare Andrews Inst of Neuroscience
NEC Joan Harvey Material and Manufacturing Engineering
Ordinary Committee Ruth Connolly English Lit, Language & Linguistics
Ordinary Committee Will Salmon Medical Sciences
Ordinary Committee Fionnghuala Sweeney English Lit, Language & Linguistics
Ordinary Committee Liz Wood Medical Sciences
Ordinary Committee Joanne Smith Finley Modern Languages
Ordinary Committee Stephen Moonie Art History
Ordinary Committee Sarah Campbell
History, Classics and Archaeology
Ordinary Committee Raksha Pande
Geography, Politics and Sociology