MAB Calculator

NCL-Mab-Calculator (01.08.23 v4)

This Excel spreadsheet will allow you to check the volume you have been deducted for participating in the MAB against how much you should have been deducted, based on the rules that People Services have indicated are being applied.  Please ensure you use the correct worksheet – there is one for full-time colleagues, and one for part-time/fractional colleagues.

It will also allow you to see how much money you are able to claim from the national UCU Fighting Fund  ( and from the local branch Hardship Fund ( on the basis of the relevant rules for those schemes – if this is your first time claiming, the branch would like you to claim from the UCU Fighting Fund at the same time (for the maximum of 9 days possible) that you claim from the local Hardship Fund, and you cannot claim locally for those first 9 days.

If your payslip is showing different deductions than the calculator is, you are welcome to contact the branch secretary, Sylvia de Mars, to double-check them.

Note for part-time or fractional staff: the calculator should also accurately reflect your deductions unless you have a very irregular work pattern and/or get paid out of several salary pots.  In that case, please contact HR for an explanation of your deductions.