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It’s your career. It’s your union. Join today

UCU members are lecturers, academics, trainers and instructors, researchers, administrators, managers, computer staff, librarians and postgraduates in universities and colleges.

UCU exists to improve the working lives of its members in further and higher education. Our strength comes from you and the ever increasing 120,000 other members who have chosen to join UCU. When you join, you add your voice to ours and make us stronger, better able to win improvements and fight harder to defend your job.

We constantly strive to negotiate better benefits that enhance your life in work and out of it.  For example, we are campaigning hard for real job security for staff on fixed- term contracts. Our efforts have already helped to change the law to provide better protection, and we will be continuing to argue with employers that many fixed-term contracts should become more permanent. If you are on a fixed- term contract, make sure you have the union on hand to provide advice and a collective voice for you and your colleagues.

Education is an amazing and immensely rewarding profession, but at some point in your career, you may have a problem in your workplace, whether that be a contractual issue or dispute or a grievance of some form. When you join UCU you are joining a union of professionals like yourself who can rest easier in the knowledge that they will not face their problems alone.

In Newcastle membership is open to those in academic or academic-related posts at grade F or above, research posts at grade F and above, and postgraduate students intending to work in further or higher education. This includes those employed by Colleges or affiliated institutions at equivalent grades, as well as those employed directly by the University.

If you are a member of the assistant staff in the Technical or Clerical & Secretarial Divisions you may wish to join Unite, or if in the Manual or Clerical & Secretarial Divisions you may wish to join Unison.

You are better off in a Union

Research has shown that union members get higher pay, more annual leave, better sickness and pension benefits, have safer workplaces and are more likely to be able to take advantage of flexible working. As a UCU member, you will benefit from a range of benefits for members including financial products at discounted rates. You can also claim back income tax relief for part of your membership subscriptions.

NB –

Members requesting any assistance should be aware that their membership status will be checked. Part of the membership check will be to ensure the member fulfils UCU’s 90 day waiting period. Like insurance, trade unions only work if there is membership in advance of a problem. Union members need to join before problems arise.

It is important to remember that members are not normally eligible for either advice / representation / legal services if an issue / dispute started either:

a) before joining UCU OR
b) occurred during the 90 day waiting period
The waiting period does not apply to those who join UCU within 30 days of starting employment.

If you would like to discuss joining the union or any other aspects with your local office, contact our local administrators ( or or by telephone 01912086734.